Medium BoxWardrobe Boxes

Dimensions: 23 1/2 x 19 x 38 1/2 in (9.95 cu.ft)

Our Wardrobe Box is constructed from strong virgin cardboardand is the best protection for your hanging clothes including suits, dresses, slacks, sport coats and winter coats. Our Wardrobe Box was designed to avoid any damage or soiling during transport.

It has a strong, metal bar on which 20-30 garments hang. The bulkiness of your clothes determines the number of hangers that will fit. When packing the Wardrobe Box it's best to hang the heavier clothes towards the outside of the bar, and lighter clothes in the center.

Our Wardrobe Box are also perfect for your table lamps and shades and save you even more money and space.

All our boxes have well-positioned handles, making it easy to move boxes from room to room while packing and unpacking.


Remember, boxes are to be packed and unpacked with the Rent Our Boxes logo turned right side up. Start by taping the bottom of the box first, ensuring the Rent Our Boxes logo will be right side up when the set the box down after being taped on the bottom.


Medium Box

Convenient. Affordable. Cost Effective.

Ordering moving - packing boxes and supplies from Rent Our Boxes is as simple as 1, 2, 3. Delivery and Pickup is by our moving boxes truck.


1 We deliver the boxes and moving supplies to your door - FREE of charge* (minimum order applies)
2 You can have your moving boxes up to 2 months. Start packing early and take your time unpacking after your move!
3 When you have finished moving we will pick the boxes up and take them away - FREE - saving you time and money.


Rent Our Boxes offers a convenient, affordable, and reliable service of renting cardboard moving boxes. We deliver the boxes to you and pick them up after your move within three months.

Simply select one of our easy Moving Packages or make up your own.

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