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讲座题目: Supplier selection and pre-positioning strategy in humanitarian relief

时间: 20191226

地点: 5-206

主持人: 董银红副教授

Dr. Zhijie (Sasha) Dong is currently an Assistant Professor of Industrial Engineering at Texas State University. She received her B.S. degree from Nanjing University, M.S. degree from Columbia University, and Ph.D. degree from Cornell University. Before joining Texas State University, she interned at CSX Transportation as an Operations Research Intern, and worked at FedEx as a Senior Operations Research Scientist.

Title: Supplier selection and pre-positioning strategy in humanitarian relief

Abstract: Pre-positioning of relief supplies is one important preparedness action for natural disasters. This paper proposes the importance of supplier selection in humanitarian relief, and integrates it into the pre-positioning strategy. These suppliers have own physical inventory for regular business, and relief agencies are assumed to be able to use such inventory for disaster response by providing compensation. The supplier selection criteria include price discounts offered by suppliers based on order quantity and required lead time as well as physical inventory. By considering disruption risks, this paper presents a two-stage stochastic programming model to produce plans including facility location and inventory, supplier selection, and distribution of relief supplies. A case study focused on hurricane threat in the Gulf Coast area of the US illustrates application of the model. Sensitivity analysis of comparison experiments offers managerial insights for relief agencies.